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AA offers a sober peer group and is built around 12 steps as an effective model for achieving total abstinence. For example, good sleep, regular physical activity, managing stress more effectively and eating well all can make it easier for you to recover from alcohol use disorder. The provider may ask for permission to speak with family members or friends. However, confidentiality laws prevent your provider from giving out any information about you without your consent.

  • Yes, alcohol is a recreational drug, and its main active ingredient is ethanol.
  • People who misuse alcohol also may misuse illicit or prescription drugs for similar reasons.
  • We believe individuals are best able to focus on their recovery when immersed in a secure, serene, healing setting.
  • In other cases, medication is used to help reduce cravings, ease withdrawal symptoms, and help prevent relapse.

One of the most common, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration , serves as an information hub and treatment referral service. Additionally, more states are focusing on affordable treatment options to make sure anyone who is in need of treatment receives help. Unfortunately, with an increasing demand for alcoholism treatment services, many government-funded programs have wait lists and other requirements such as financial and medical need. Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs provide peer support for people quitting or cutting back on their drinking. Combined with treatment led by health professionals, mutual-support groups can offer a valuable added layer of support.

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It’s best for those with milder forms of alcoholism and/or people who have obligations they must attend to, like work or caring for children. Basic outpatient involves three hours of programming one or two days per week. You will have individual, family, and group therapy; case management; and the freedom to choose between a day or evening schedule. An addiction treatment program can help you learn what led to your addiction in the first place. During individual and group therapy and other therapy and activities, you’ll learn coping skills and lifestyle changes that help you maintain sobriety long term. If you are at a point in your life where alcohol is a necessity, you have developed an addiction.

Milder cases — when people abuse alcohol but aren’t dependent on it — are as well. Wesurveyed 2,136 American adultswho either wanted to stop drinking alcohol or had already tried to .

Does My Insurance Cover Rehab for Alcohol Addiction?

You may benefit from couples or family therapy — family support can be an important part of the recovery process. Patients are able to live at home while in treatment, allowing for a level of flexibility that many individuals need to fulfill family or work obligations. Those participating in outpatient treatment would need to have a stable home environment that is alcohol and drug-free. Intensive outpatient programs focus on disorders or other dependencies that do not necessarily require 24-hour supervision or detoxification. These types of programs still allow patients to continue with their normal lives off-site and require less time weekly in therapies than PHPs. IOPs are designed to provide coping strategies, establish support mechanisms, and help with relapse management. Understanding the available treatment options—from behavioral therapies and medications to mutual-support groups—is the first step.

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They practice strength-based therapy, helping patients use their natural skills and talents to overcome issues and improve overall functioning. But for many people, the combination of medication and therapy works best. These facts explain why effective treatment plans are individualized. Serenity Lane is proud to be one of the top quality alcoholism treatment programs in the northwestern United States. After 35 years of meth addiction, Serenity Lane was the only place that was able to help me understand my disease and give me the tools I need for my recovery. A huge thank you to all the staff that supported me through this. There are many different groups that focus on certain parts of my life.

Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment Centers

Our evidence-based treatment strategies are designed to treat this specific type of illness, very much as you would expect to have any illness treated. With the help and support of our team, you can find your feet again, along with hope and optimism for the future. After deciding between inpatient or outpatient, you’ll choose between a local rehab center or traveling for a program. There is no right or wrong answer, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide. For those who need to deal with legal issues, a luxury facility may be right.

Many outpatient options allow people to maintain their regular routines and their privacy, too, if desired. We’ll make sure you have a plan in place and connect you with local support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. We also have an active alumni community that offers a chance to re-connect with other alumni in a fun, community-fostering way. It’s a safe place to process new challenges that come up in the recovery journey. Should cover your care if you are hospitalized and need substance use disorder treatment. Your plan’s cost-sharing rules for an inpatient hospital stay should apply.

Our programs include experiential therapy, equine therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and more, depending on what’s right for you and your quest for recovery. Residential alcohol rehab programs are highly effective for overcoming alcoholism and restoring your hope for a healthy, happy future.

Can you drink a lot and not be an alcoholic?

“This study shows that, contrary to popular opinion, most people who drink too much are not alcohol dependent or alcoholics,” said Robert Brewer, M.D., M.S.P.H., Alcohol Program Lead at CDC and one of the report's authors.

While you might want to seek help, you might not be able to leave your regular life to get it. If you have work, school or family responsibilities preventing you from seeking Residential Treatment, outpatient alcoholism treatment is an option. With the flexibility of scheduling therapies and services, outpatient treatment helps you begin your journey towards a sober life. In the long run, rehab is not nearly as expensive as drug and alcohol addiction. Alcohol and drug users are more likely to skip work and switch jobs more often than sober individuals, which has a negative impact on income.


If a person drinks too much, too fast, the liver is unable to keep up with disposing of the toxin in the blood. Alcohol can kill liver cells, leading to a scarring of the liver called cirrhosis. alcoholism treatment program Long-term heavy alcohol use can also cause fatty liver disease, rendering the liver unable to function as well as it should. We know it’s hard to take the first step on the path to recovery.

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