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Development of High-Load Systems

A flexible architecture ensures to implement changes and extensions much easier. Always remember that flexibility is the vital feature of any fast-growing software technology. A vertical approach makes more resources (hardware/software) available.

There are no standardized numbers for a single site or a single average site. One web page can process 1000 inquiries per second without difficulty while another will crash after 100 connections. We manage all works related to project support and compliance, and fixing bugs as well. The need to realize the very best value from their spending through supplier analysis of cost, risk, and performance.

Together with Geniusee specialists, we created an article with the best practices of Mobile Banking Security 2022. The specific character of high load systems lies in the fact that you cannot work with them like with any other system. According to the metrics, it is selected or developed from scratch, fully or in parts. Elements and interaction techniques are selected in correspondence with the future load and the required level of reliability. Initially, the cost of the hardware part of a high load system is considerably higher than the cost of a conventional application.

Building a high-performance scalable architecture

If you inflate it with flexibility, the amount of equipment required will multiply. The rigidity of the system solves the problem of increasing resource costs, and we do our best to balance the high app performance of the system and the capital budget. If a person enters a search query on Google, uploads a video to YouTube or makes a purchase on eBay, they expect to receive the result immediately. If the system takes a long time to respond, most likely they will start searching somewhere else. Therefore, instant response is a distinctive and very important feature of a high load system.

development of high-load systems

Generate and display data to monitor the system’s health under high load. 10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony Functional tests verify the integration of different levels of the application . Read about top 10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony Written by Oksana T. We help development of high-load systems our clients separate the wheat from the chaff to get the most useful product and save their money. Business, unfortunately, does not always understand what it is for. Why pay money for additional functionality that is not required for work and does not make a profit?


We utilize over 30 various software development technologies and commit to keep up with the latest software development market trends. Being a professional software developer we know how to build sophisticated and complex projects. Complex tasks can be resolved faster with multiple processor threads during Java apps development.

We received your request and really appreciate your interest in our company. They are not confined to waiting for a sole struggling server to complete their previous tasks. Instead, their requests are sent to a more readily available resource.

At this rate, only 5% of those who potentially will leave the shop with purchases have a chance to be served well, and even that number can only be reached in the best case scenario. Hence, less profit for the shop and less customer loyalty. The same holds true for the site – if it does not cope with such a number of requests, рit’s time to change something. The Epic App Orchard, now known as the Epic App market, is a marketplace where third-party vendors and Epic customers can find Epic-integrated apps. A health innovation ecosystem is a network of organizations, people, and resources that work together to help make new health technologies, treatments, and ways of doing things happen.

An effective development company can be trusted to maintain a website designed by someone else. Your project may have incurred technical debt , which is the result of postponing fixing defects to speed up product delivery. On many projects we have been able to save human resources, eliminate human failures or increase effectivity by interconnecting existing systems.

Talking about the reliability of high load systems, it is necessary to mention the fault management documentation. Well-written crash management documentation should include a simple step-by-step guide to recovering your system from almost any possible crash. If you decide to create high load applications , it is important to take into account a number of principles. The App Solutions team is fully equipped and has enough experts to provide quality, high-load web applications.

Clutch Features Geniusee as a Top 2022 Developer in Poland Get the right technical partner in Poland. Geniusee offers best custom fintech and edtech software development services across Eastern Europe Written by Yaryna Y. Load balancing ensures that work is effectively distributed. The technologies offer redundancy, thus, regulating increasing network or traffic loads. For instance, data can be acquired from a server that’s overwhelmed to be redistributed to other available servers.

Readiness to regularly inform the customer about the progress of the project, general regular communication, and NDA conclusion should also be considered. Without question, you will also evaluate compatibility in values and management cultures between the companies involved in the project. Disqus is one of the most significant projects developed using Django. It allows you to manage a comment section on your website, analyze audience activity and customize ad serving. Mozilla is primarily known for its browser, Firefox, although the company is also involved in other projects.

A load balancer, therefore, is found between front-end devices and back-end servers. In cloud computing, load balancing involves the distribution of work to several computing resources. It is necessary to understand how these technologies work. The App Solutions has applied itself in the development of numerous high load applications. If you are interested in developing social apps, e-commerce solutions, gaming apps, consulting services apps, etc., The App Solutions is the go-to developer.

  • In our decisions to use or not to use high load systems, we focus on what a particular business needs.
  • Without question, you will also evaluate compatibility in values and management cultures between the companies involved in the project.
  • I tested their capabilities in terms of load on a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor and 4 GB of RAM .
  • Outsourcing your high-load system development may be the most logical move.
  • Django helps the platform to handle huge amounts of content as quickly as possible so that information is instantly available to students at any time.
  • The worker_connections and worker_rlimit_nofile directives are responsible for this.
  • We use various programming languages and technology in a single service to meet the project objectives effectively.

New MEK teams create high-load applications that successfully tackle various performance challenges. We design system architectures that maintain high computing speeds and uninterrupted services with short response times. Our experts use load balancing and cloud computing capacities for critical user operations and real-time data processing. However, each new service in our client’s offering has added to the operational complexity of their internal IT systems.

Software Development

Phoenix is a classic MVC framework that is fairly similar to Rails. It’s no marvel since one of its developers and the creator of the Elixir language is José Valim, one of the main creators of Ruby on Rails. With this in mind, Go even outperforms Elixir, but the Phoenix Framework provides much more features.

development of high-load systems

The hallmark of a good data protection plan that protects against system failure is a sound backup and recovery strategy. Valuable data should never be stored without proper backups, replication or the ability to recreate the data. Every data center should plan for data loss or corruption in advance. Data errors may create customer authentication issues, damage financial accounts and subsequently business community credibility. The recommended strategy for maintaining data integrity is creating a full backup of the primary database then incrementally testing the source server for data corruptions.

Consider developing a project with a high load?

It is roughly estimated that for a 30-minute Facebook downtime, this could cost nearly $600,000. System administrators may only encounter fewer failed or stressed components. Instead of only one device doing all the tasks, load balancing consists of several devices that carry out more work if needed. Above all, considering cost-effectiveness is key to the operations. If you expect 100,000 users and one server, when managing 120,000 users, you may need to acquire another server.

development of high-load systems

The architecture was initially developed to handle a number of up to 10,000 active users simultaneously. The App Solutions managed to scale up the project’s architecture to manage over 100,000 users simultaneously. It is necessary to develop a mobile app that can manage a greater number of requests per second. This will minimize all sorts of problems that arise after the project development process. If what the platform offers is appreciated, a real audience will sprout in no time.

Web development

Django allows Indeed to easily handle the huge flow of job inquiries, vacancies, and responses from job seekers and employers alike. Coursera is an online educational platform founded in 2012. As of 2020, the platform offered 3,800 courses accessed by 70 million students. Udemy is a massive open online course platform aimed at professional adults and students. As of April 2021, more than 40 million students used Udemy.

High Load

Also applications with forms for entering larg volume of data, optimized for big displays. Werehouse management systems , resource planning or customer relationship management systems . We benefit from the hybrid architecture, combining dedicated server applications with cloud services. When it’s effective, we build the bigger project using the micro-services architecture. AWS has services, like S3, SQS, ELB, and SimpleDB, and infrastructure tools, like EC2 and EBS, to help you create a high availability and fault tolerant system in the cloud. The high-level services are designed to support HA and fault tolerance, while infrastructure tools come with features like snapshots and availability zones.

As you execute a new application, it is not advisable to develop an infrastructure that can manage millions of users while processing millions of events daily. Employ a cloud when hosting new projects, allowing to reduce server cost and oversee their management. Whatever the case may be, it’s imperative to build powerful software that already handles a huge influx of user requests. Programming a project without a scalable architecture will only attract trouble.

Maintaining Websites Built with Django

When server failure instances are detected, they are seamlessly replaced when the traffic is automatically redistributed to servers that are still running. Not only does load balancing lead to high availability it also facilitates incremental scalability. Network load balancing can be accomplished via either a ‘pull’ or a ‘push’ model. It facilitates higher levels of fault tolerance within service applications. 3 Steps to Achieve High Availability ArchitectureNow that you have decided to go with it, let’s discuss the ways to implement it. Non-intuitively, adding more components to a system doesn’t help in making it more stable and achieve high availability.

Every project is distinct and can be processed individually to identify the high load status with the overall count of active users. High load projects developed by Geniusee specialists on average withstand user traffic, exceeding the planned indicators by 2-3 times or more! This ensures that your site or application will not crash even during the peak of high loads and high traffic of users. In our decisions to use or not to use high load systems, we focus on what a particular business needs. But there is also planning – something that the business does not see and from which it does not directly benefit.