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HR Acronyms Employers Should Know

If you’re interested in taking a step further to learn business English, consider registering your work team for corporate English training with Preply Business or take a business English course. Fill out the form to get further information from our team about the Preply language training for companies. Since the HR department is in charge of TM, they often take extra time to identify and recruit individuals with high potential, training these employees to take on executive roles in the future.

  1. Moreover, you’re also expected to successfully navigate the technical language of your specific department or industry.
  2. HR, or human resources, uses acronyms to streamline a complex process.
  3. If you are an hourly employee, you must be careful about working OT since some companies do not have budget to pay their employees extra when they work more than their contracted number of hours per week.
  4. Given the importance of PM, the Human Resources team will monitor employees, then support executives in communicating areas of improvement to their departments, raising the overall level of productivity in the organization.
  5. Not only are there specialized words and phrases to memorize, but there are also HR acronyms and abbreviations to learn.

The PEO arrangement is a comprehensive HR and payroll solution that offers additional protection for your company. The many abbreviations and acronyms used by HR professionals can make it hard for people to understand and navigate HR conversations and human resources acronyms challenges. This comprehensive list of the most common HR acronyms and human resources abbreviations can help you find your way. Keep reading to learn how human resources refers to employees’ benefits and job performance with various HR abbreviations.

Mastering a long list of HR terms and definitions is no easy feat. Not only are there specialized words and phrases to memorize, but there are also HR acronyms and abbreviations to learn. Exploring an HR terms glossary and other online resources is a great place to begin, but there’s more you can do. Discover the 6 levels of language proficiency used for determining fluency in a language, and try out our free English-level test to accurately assess your employees’ level of business English. Discover our list of the best business English books catering to the varying needs of business professionals, their level of English & different learning styles. If you’re still feeling a little out of your depth but looking to learn business English and break into the English-speaking business world, why not try corporate English training or the Preply business English courses?

A full-time equivalent employee is a summation of part-time employees that are equal to one full-time employee. Full-time employees are defined as working an average of 30 hours per week or 130 hours per calendar month. The FTE count is calculated by adding up the hours worked by part-time employees during the month and dividing by 120. The total is added to the number of full-time employees to determine if an employer is an Applicable Large Employer (ALE). The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) is a United States federal law requiring covered employers to provide employees job-protected and unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons.

HR Acronyms

This way you pay a subscription fee based on the number of employees in your business (typically per month or per year) to use the software rather than having to fund a major software investment. Whatever you call them, they’re designed to help you define and measure your employees’ progress toward agreed goals. To help you learn the lingo, we’ve drawn up a cheat sheet of common HR acronyms.

So, here are nine simplified definitions for nine common HR terms and acronyms you’re probably going to encounter in the next year. All these terms are typically used interchangeably to describe HR software designed to manage your people, policies, and procedures. Both streams come with a lot more paperwork and hoops to jump through before you can be deemed eligible to offer overseas workers the opportunity to fill vacant positions. This includes compulsory labour market testing for all occupations, a market salary rate assessment, and a new non-discriminatory workforce test. TSS also comes with tightened English language requirements and applicants will have to undergo a criminal check. A good KPI will work to motivate your employees to work hard, but not be unrealistic and out of reach.

WHS needs to be a top priority for all employers even if you operate in a low risk industry. As a business owner/employer, it’s essential to develop a safety culture and do all you can to make your workplace as safe as possible. And while you may have officers, such as directors and managers, who will have specific safety responsibilities, it’s important to remember PCBU, the primary responsibility for a safe workplace rests with you. The world of human resources can be complex to a newbie and you may feel overwhelmed by all the industry jargon. Today, we’ve rounded up all the most important human resources abbreviations you should know about if you’re planning a career in HR. The term “HCM system” has become an umbrella term for integrated software designed for employee records and human capital management processes.

One type of MEP is sponsored by a PEO and is adopted by the PEO’s clients. Here are some top courses and ways to improve business communication in English. In English linguistics, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction – English education & literacy. She has had the immense pleasure of putting this knowledge into action over the last 12 years as a high school English teacher, university instructor, academic tutor, editor, and curriculum writer in both the U.S. and abroad. Moreover, you’re also expected to successfully navigate the technical language of your specific department or industry.

FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

That way, any challenges could be addressed in a uniform and efficient manner across the organization. Having collected feedback from the survey participants, 98% of the employees, HR began to craft a PIP, to more closely meet the company’s targets in the next quarter. On page 4 of Mariah’s contract, she carefully read the full description of her C&B to understand all the perks of being an employee at her new company. If you’re keen to learn more about HR, be sure to read about the latest HR trends and HR management here.

Training and Testing Acronyms

ENPS gauges employee satisfaction and loyalty using a similar two-question format. Employees submit a score rating along with anonymous feedback about their employer, which gives the system enough information to provide the organization with an overall score from -100 to +100. Along with scoring, eNPS uses keyword analysis to highlight recurring topics in the positive and negative feedback, which gives employers a starting point for solving issues and reinforcing beneficial aspects of the workplace.

You need to demonstrate your commitment to safety and ensure that everyone in your business is clear about their health and safety responsibilities. It’s equally important that your workforce is adequately trained and understands how you manage workplace safety, and can use the systems you have put in place. The best remote time tracking software for managing your remote employees. Strategic HRM is the practice of identifying a company’s current and future HR needs and then attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining employees for the benefit of both the employees and the business. HR departments that practice strategic HRM interact with other departments within the business to create strategies that align with the other departments’ objectives, as well as those of the entire organization.

By working PT, Grace doesn’t have the same C&B as an FT employee, but having more control over which hours she works is a major trade-off given her kids’ school schedule. Using a PERT Chart, Camila demonstrated the various stages of the process for the upcoming project, which reminded the team of critical deadlines and emphasized the project’s most important milestones. If you wish to take a LOA, you must alert your supervisor and the HR department with at least two weeks’ notice as a common courtesy. Abbreviations are typical in the business industry, and, as the frequently-used “HR” acronym suggests, especially in Human Resources.

Or, it might have none of these; some organizations are abandoning performance management entirely. Still others are looking at ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of performance management by making reviews more frequent and incorporating short-term goals that can be more easily tracked and measured. An HRIS is an intersection of human resources and information technology. An HRIS allows HR activities and processes, such as accounting, time and labor management, and payroll to occur electronically and helps a company plan and manage its HR costs more effectively.

Discover the best executive English courses with Preply Business & which training options will provide executives with the business English skills they need. Alongside your coworkers and boss, you’ll receive tailor-made methodology from top-quality tutors to grasp all the fundamentals of business English. On the job application, you will see two separate lists for MQs and preferred qualifications. While it’s helpful to have a few of the preferred qualifications, you should still apply if you meet the MQs. In most cases, expecting mothers are granted LWP close to their due date; indeed, refusing to grant LWP for pregnant women would reflect poorly on the company’s investment in the well-being of its employees.

Clients receive 24/7 access to proven management and technology research, expert advice, benchmarks, diagnostics and more. Fill out the form to connect with a representative and learn more. Be sure to save our infographic above so you can refer back to it at any time. Make sure your employee KPIs measure areas that influence the success of the business.

PM – Performance Management

The TSP allows employees working for a government entity to receive the same or comparable benefits as those working for private employers. To clarify what HR abbreviations and acronym meanings are, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 most relevant human resources abbreviations for your reference. Get the latest human resources, payroll, and benefits news, tips, and insights for small businesses.

Avoid setting them too high or you’ll demoralise employees who can’t attain them. A good way to do this is to seek employee feedback on what they think their potential is and use this as the baseline. Otherwise, you could base it on what previous employees achieved in that role. For example, FTEs and PTEs are just shorthand codes for full-time and part-time employees.